Thankful for the day!!

Today we learned about peace and love in leadership. I was able to introduce #TheWakeUpCall to the high school students at Voyageur Academy. This day allowed the students to take the class, the day, and themselves a bit more serious. Having the elders and great wisdom from the other leaders on the call these students were able to see the light. Participants shared prayer request and good energy and hope was restored. It was a blessing to be apart of.

Moreover, I have been blessed with the opportunity to grow and develop more in the financial services industry. As the Empire For The Youth brand continues to build, we will inform families and individuals about many different tools to help them earn and save money while building a brand and team. Teaching Financial Freedom!! Teaching peace and balance while managing relationships. Mentoring programs are to bring others together and that’s the aim of EFTY. Operates as a mastermind consortium that unites all businesses through love and communications.

At EFTY you can become an independent business owner with a big team to support you. Health and wellness, Travel, mentoring, or finances. You chose what your goals are, and our job is to help you achieve your goals. A form of self love and commitment to excellence!!

Hit me up and subscribe for the email to get updated information. We have the weekly Saturday call at 3pm EST you can catch me on that call and ask any questions and share any business ideas. Most importantly, share any love and wisdom testimonies.

Peace Love Shalom

Wayne Lyons II


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