Sooo close!!

Community building, yes we are!! Once we can solidify the venue we will begin to host our after school marketplace where students can come and have access to food music and games along with a healthy learning environment. Parents are also welcome and can have their own section of adult fun while the students engage with other students across the nation. The vision is big and with like minded leaders, we can get it done with no problem. What do you think? Join in and be apart of the fun building the future! Also partner and grow your business brand at the same time. This is the new day and this is how we will help each other by enriching our communities by doing the things we all enjoy doing.

Peace and love!!

Wayne Lyons II

Ups and Downs makes for a fun ride! #LIFE


Life would not be life if everything was picture perfect. No matter how hard people may try to pretend like their life is flawless and perfect, it is not. We all go through moments and phases in our life that we have to look in the mirror and gather the courage to say to ourselves, today was not the best of days but I am still alive and breathing so there is hope for a better day tomorrow. I was going to write more, but I would like to hear from one of you! Comment on this post and lets start a discussion for everyone to chime in so we can talk about LIFE!!

Peace and Love!


Wayne Lyons II

Love Letter

Dear Love,

I express the bond we share through the words that process to this page. Blessings  come in the presence, so with you on my mind, and you in my heart, you are here in this letter! Timeless! Growth in our bond, because best friends cant stay away from each other. Regardless of the miles between us, LOVE is within the both of us! Trust in the faith of belief in greatness! OUR LOVE IS GREAT! We are GREAT! Together we are strong because our balance lifts each other up. Staying elevated and on fire for you has been like the 40 first dates movie. You are not a new person, but I always tend to learn something new about you and our LOVE. TIMELESS LOVE! True Love is unconditional and the more we experience the ups and the downs, we realize the downs are not nearly as bad as we make them out to be. The thought of constantly day in and day out, thinking to myself how beautiful you are! The energy that created you and that is you, LOVE, lets hold on tight FOREVER! Thankfulness and Cheers, to know I am riding front seat and my LOVE have the wheel. Follow the Truth and stay Right! Peace and Family will be the result of LOVE. I love growing into our royalty relationship and bringing our family and the world together to LOVE like we LOVE! Peace and Blessings to those who love! Thank you LOVE for being in my life!

I hope you LOVE my LOVE letter, and continue to LOVE me!



Wayne Lyons II

Holidays and new year

As we wind down these last few hours of the 2018 year, let’s show our gratitude and appreciation for family and friends. As I was able to make it back home to Fort Lauderdale for Christmas, it had not dawned on me how much I missed my family , and how much they missed me! From the conversations we had and the lovely home cooked meals prepared by my grandma, I was left in tears after a song came over the speakers saying how thankful he was to be alive and with family for the holidays. I felt that song in my soul and had to put my plate down and walk outside to avoid my family seeing me crying. The time we spent together was priceless, I really hope they know there will be many more times in the future for us to connect and embrace love together. Now that I am hours away from 2019, we just finished with a nice session at planet fitness to work off some of the holiday food and drinks so we can maintain our sense of balance and have even shares of work and play. I will be misleading you if I was to tell you that I am not preparing to celebrate and bring in the new year on a high note. I would recommend this approach to anyone. Surround yourself with family and friends and good times so we can assure the feeling and lifestyle we would like to carry into 2019 is nothing but good vibes and the things we want. Mindset masters are who we strive to become, because once you master your mind, there is no limitations on your life and you reach a level of freedom that only the divine creator ,who created us with such magical powers , can understand. Have a great day, have a better year, and let’s stay strong and courageous on our journey!

Always remember, LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!

Peace and Blessings!!


Wayne Lyons II ❤️🦁


The Love of family! Weather and energy will all align because it is the ultimate creator who created the beauty of love through wisdom! The sunshine and laughter is the proof that we are all in tune with the most high!

Feast and be Grateful!!

God Bless!! Shalom!!


Wayne Lyons II