Writing a new book!!

Joy to the world! Peace and Blessings on this journey to building the team and growing in our daily walks!! As we continue to build the team and unite all the leaders of the world, it’s time that we create more authors and entrepreneurs! Waking up daily on the wake up call with great family and love we would like to make this an all inclusive opportunity for leaders to broadcast and market their brands and business on a global scale. Setting an example and having all the leaders use the blueprint to spread across the globe and share with like minded individuals to continue to build the kingdom of love!!
Peace and Shalom as we continue to actively walk and live in faith and love!!

Here is the start to the journey!!


If you can’t see the board, how can you learn? If you are not looking , how can you see what I’m saying?? ❤️🦁

As I spent today starting with my second grade class, it is cool how the next class 8th grade was able to receive the same lesson! Looking and clearly being able to see and understand the lesson. Listening to my presentation with your back turned, or sitting in the back of the classroom with no 👓 glasses. How will you ever understand?? Once I was able to share my glasses and allow the two 8th grade students the difference of actually being able to see the board could be game changing for their life!! The simple things and clear examples of not knowing what you don’t know! As for my second grade class, with your back turned you miss out on not only the non verbal communication, but you also miss out on trying on my Stanford and Michigan helmets along with the championship rings! How will you ever feel and understand what real motivation looks like, feels like, or future lessons presented on the board projection. It’s beyyer to learn now rather than going your entire life not knowing !! We correct you out of love and with no correction, there is no true love!! Let’s get better daily and discover our purpose and greatness!! Love Conquers All!! Please remember that!!

Peace and Shalom!!

Wayne Lyons II

Exciting news/ friendship is essential to the soul



As we continue to grow and spend time learning and growing together, we will lift as we climb! Iron sharpens iron and greatness is lifted and inspired when surrounded by greatness. We can build each person to be great by knowing and learning who they are. They will discover their unique creativity and will be inspired to chase the internalized greatness that they choose to become. Each person is unique, but we are all called out of and in the likeness of greatness!! Always remember, “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!”

Best wishes and God Bless!

Peace and Love!

Wayne Lyons II

Hakuna Matata



It means no worries and peace for the rest of your days! What a beautiful phrase and clear descriptive explanation of living with love constantly. As I have been busy these past few weeks, I continue to grow and learn and become more complete with forming the fullness of joy that comes from knowing and learning who I am. From teaching the students in high school, sharing in the classroom environment, my football helmets from two top universities in the country, also allowing the students to wear and take pictures with my rose bowl and National All American Bowl rings was not only motivation to me but also motivation to the students who aspire to be better than me in their life. I encourage them to do better than me, as I was motivated and encouraged by the people I was mentored and had the opportunity to meet as a young man. Also in the following week, I had the chance to teach a middle school dance / acting class. That was a great experience and opportunity to have a open discussion and dialogue with the young Kings in 6th 7th and 8th grade at Voyageur Academy. It was awesome to see the growth and impact of public speaking among peers and also learning how they are the future leaders responsible for leading the youth that will soon be of age. Although I am still in pursuit of my personal career and advancement in life, I am happy and blessed to be on a journey that allows me to learn and grow all while teaching those that will come after me and take on a similar journey to mine. Building the bridge to the land of great opportunities. To me this is a priceless mission that fulfills my calling to bring people to the light. Always remember, “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!”

Peace and Blessings!
Wayne Lyons II

Write in Life

Life is hard but it’s fair. It have its times of giving us life and other times of causing us to question! What’s the drive keeping me going? What’s inside my eyes when I look in the mirror that tells me, I will not accept you giving up on me! The will and desire to laugh at all the trouble and hardships that are thrown my way! Even when the barriers are all around, I find my way to persevere through the toughest terrain. Blessed because I know that God gives his toughest battles to his most worthy soldiers! So I look a hard time in the eyes and laugh in the embracing of my victory! Never let it bring you down, and never let it take your light! Forever lit and on fire with passion. Lukewarm living just might kill you faster. I’m still a student even tho I can study with the master. Asking for the answers and corrections to my mistakes will just help me to get there faster. Learning as I grow that means that I’m understanding it faster. People work they craft but have no balance and it becomes their master. Forced to be a man because In Fort Lauderdale things happen a lot faster.

Peace and Love!

Wayne Lyons II

Join in on the fun!!

P2S Vacation Travel Club

Let’s take some time to talk!

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I love to have fun and not spend a ton of money doing it, don’t you??

Thanks for taking the time to check out this awesome business, and also for staying on this great journey with me! Together we will make tomorrow better!

Best wishes and God Bless!

Always remember, “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!”

Peace be with you!!


Wayne Lyons II

EFTY – The Power Of Believing

Multitasking = Balance

Today for my third grade class, I practiced being present and interacting with yoga for the engagement activity. Stretching and learning about balance was amazing for the students to learn and practice. The most exciting thing for me was that it was a fairly new concept to all the students.