In the mood to write! 😁

Check out my latest poem to express my current thoughts and mood to vent about my growing pains in the spiritual journey while still gathering myself in the physical world. Positive purpose movement !!

Empire For The Youth! EFTY!

Hey everyone, I want you to know Jesus is my friend. He is directly related to LOVE and we are all getting very close!!!

Peace and Shalom!!


Wayne Lyons II

Building the future!!

Motivation like never before!!!

After spending this weekend in Atlanta and being surrounded by both people I have known since a baby, as well as people who I just met this weekend, there was so much confirmation that took place. Confirmation that we belong in the same room and on the same stage as the multi million dollar earners. Confirmation that we all have our own growth journey, and it’s the people you care about and the people you enjoy spending time with the most that makes the dream life all worth while. It is confirmation that as young millennials set their mind to make the life for themselves and their future family greater than ever before, they can and they will do just that. As we continue to build and grow with likeminded people, we must remember and embrace what has been proven to be a scientific mathematical law for the universe. “LOVE CONQUERS ALL” and what you output must indeed be returned! Let’s continue to set the world on fire and create the world we know to be paradise and heaven on earth. We are all equipped with the tools to do so, we just have to dig deep inside and find our inner strength which is our true blessings and ultimately our purpose for existence. When we can unite everyone with that self love and turn that passion into tangible evidence, wait and watch in amazement the world we create. Let’s stay focused on this journey and write down our goals so we can manifest all of God’s glory right before our eyes. It’s simple, God is Love and always remember, LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!

Peace Blessings and Shalom!!!

I look forward to catching up soon at our next stop on this journey.

Signing off until next time…

Wayne Lyons II

One step forward continuously

Great weekend ahead and the excitement is high! Here in Atlanta at the Mercedes Benz Stadium for the business conference in the financial industry. Here to attend seminars to learn more about effective business strategies, along with meeting with likeminded people who are also interested in building their business brand. As iron sharpens iron, we learn from each other and share brain power to make our future stronger and more prosperous. Surround yourself with millionaires and learn how they think, move, and handle business. Eventually people will learn from you. Always remember, “Love conquers all” and slow and steady will win the race. My dream is to connect all my friends and provide them with more value for their business and continue to grow collectively to make the world a better place. Hit me up and join me on this adventure. The journey will be great, can’t wait to have you apart of it all.

Peace and Blessings!!

Wayne Lyons II

Write it down, move town to town!!

Pause and consider! You are living and making great use of the presence! When will you write it down and record it to show someone else that it’s real. That’s a must or else it never happened!!

I will do better and Blog more! Regardless of who is reading right now. In the future, this message and moment can be the millions stored up for my great grandchildren!

Live and love and make your new history in this new covenant!! Celebrating Life!!


Peace and Shalom!
Wayne Lyons II

What’s in your backpack??

As I was speaking and growing with my group of 7th and 8th grade boys at GEE White Academy, I asked them what would make a better classroom, and what’s the difference between and good and a bad student. As funny as it may sound, one student said the kids with the backpacks are the bad students. I did not know if he was just trying to be funny or if his reality really was just that, people getting in trouble and placing bad things in their backpacks was indeed his truth. From that lead us into a great discussion about, “WHATS IN YOUR BACKPACK?” The reason I had to ask was because I was carrying my backpack with me even as the teacher and in order for him and the entire group to understand that it’s most important, the things inside the backpack, rather than the backpack itself. This related to our mind and bodies as well. Regardless of our shape and size, that does not matter but rather what’s inside of us like our thoughts, heart, and attitude what makes the biggest difference. Although he did not carry much in his backpack, I hope I was able to spark something exciting in his mindset when I revealed to him what was in my backpack. I also made sure to notice, regardless that we are in the same building everyday attending the same school, the only difference between him and I was the things I was feeding myself daily to grow in knowledge. The things inside my backpack. I showed how I keep it organized and how it helps me to always have handy the things I need when the right time and place allowed me to share. At first I was going to reveal in this memoirs all the things I had in my backpack to share at the moment, but that would not do this blog any justice. Instead, I would like you to imagine what was all available to showcase, and also think for yourself, what are you carrying inside of your mind, body, and soul daily. “WHAT IS IN YOUR BACKPACK??”

Until next time, always remember… “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!”

Peace and Blessings!!

Wayne Lyons II

Thankful for the day!!

Today we learned about peace and love in leadership. I was able to introduce #TheWakeUpCall to the high school students at Voyageur Academy. This day allowed the students to take the class, the day, and themselves a bit more serious. Having the elders and great wisdom from the other leaders on the call these students were able to see the light. Participants shared prayer request and good energy and hope was restored. It was a blessing to be apart of.

Moreover, I have been blessed with the opportunity to grow and develop more in the financial services industry. As the Empire For The Youth brand continues to build, we will inform families and individuals about many different tools to help them earn and save money while building a brand and team. Teaching Financial Freedom!! Teaching peace and balance while managing relationships. Mentoring programs are to bring others together and that’s the aim of EFTY. Operates as a mastermind consortium that unites all businesses through love and communications.

At EFTY you can become an independent business owner with a big team to support you. Health and wellness, Travel, mentoring, or finances. You chose what your goals are, and our job is to help you achieve your goals. A form of self love and commitment to excellence!!

Hit me up and subscribe for the email to get updated information. We have the weekly Saturday call at 3pm EST you can catch me on that call and ask any questions and share any business ideas. Most importantly, share any love and wisdom testimonies.

Peace Love Shalom

Wayne Lyons II


Writing a new book!!

Joy to the world! Peace and Blessings on this journey to building the team and growing in our daily walks!! As we continue to build the team and unite all the leaders of the world, it’s time that we create more authors and entrepreneurs! Waking up daily on the wake up call with great family and love we would like to make this an all inclusive opportunity for leaders to broadcast and market their brands and business on a global scale. Setting an example and having all the leaders use the blueprint to spread across the globe and share with like minded individuals to continue to build the kingdom of love!!
Peace and Shalom as we continue to actively walk and live in faith and love!!

Here is the start to the journey!!