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How do you grow, how do you know, how do you receive all the seeds that you sow! Is it just, is it fair, can you find a legitimate way to live comfortably, with no cares. Do you love yourself, are you chasing your dreams do you see yourself as royalty? Personally, ima young king! My smile and the words of love from God give me eternity… that’s my ring!!! Happy to share it with everyone on my team!!! Kingdom building… teamwork makes the dream work!! Together let’s sing!!!


Smiles and timeless self motivation! Join me in the blog!! Love conquers All!!



I look forward to my little cousin do bigger things than me on his football journey!!

My young twin!!! Proud to see him grow into a great young man!
Top Safety from South Florida
Built Lauderdale tough!
Ball hawk with speed… lol we raced!!
Speed kills
And he is Lauderdale tough!
I’m wishing I was there to have hands on impact but I believe faith works !!!

BOSS Moves in the family

Congratulations on being the champions!!!

I wanted to share my hearts felt excitement and thrill I have for my sister and her championship year with the BLUE COATS!!!

Winning feels good!!!

Most importantly I wanted to say how proud of you I am Danielle M. Lyons my big sister blossoming in her career and mastering a position that takes Gods Gifts to organize, and encourage, and manage an entire organization that’s winning championships consistently! That’s proof that your doing something right and you have earned the respect of everyone in the organization and all those who watch and support your journey like me! Celebrate and enjoy the victory and the rewards of hard work!

Tangible proof of excellence!!!

I’m excited to see where life takes you as you continue to grow and do your best in your surroundings, and everyone around you will be lucky to have you and I’m proud of how Awesome your doing with such a big role… all the praises to the most HIGH!! We shall be talking soon!

Once again congratulations on the championship victory!

All the best… HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy…Light… Love… Liberty!!

One Love!


-Ambassador of Peace and Love



Dear valued Empire For The Youth SUPPORTER, 
We are very excited to announce the launch of our new UMCU Youth Scholarship program available to high school seniors. What is the UMCU Youth Scholarship program? UMCU will award five (5) $1,000 scholarships to eligible high school seniors based on their qualifications and responses to the questions on the application. The funds can be used towards tuition and/or other educational expenses at an accredited college or technical school in the United States. Find out more details here.
 What makes a student eligible? If the student is a UMCU member in good standing and is graduating from high school in the spring of 2022, they can apply. Or, if the student’s parent(s) or guardian is a UMCU member in good standing, but the student has not yet become a member in their own standing, the student is eligible to submit an application. However, if selected, the student will be required to become a UMCU member before the scholarship award is granted. What are the important dates? The application portal is open from December 1, 2021 through February 28, 2022. How will students submit their applications? All applications must be submitted online (no paper applications) through a secure document portal – the link to access the application can be found here: Secure Application Portal Link The link to the scholarship portal will also be housed on our website’s Financial Wellness page and be included with each reminder email we send out. What does the application entail? After a few identifying questions, the bulk of the application is comprised of seven essay questions for students to answer focused on areas such as:Community involvement & work experience(s)Academic achievementsExtracurricularsPlans after high schoolIs a letter of reference required? Yes, each applicant will be asked to attach via the portal one letter of support/reference. The letter should be between 400-600 words in length and come from an individual not part of the student’s family – examples would include teachers, counselors, coaches, employers, neighbors, faith-based/non-faith-based leaders, and mentors. Is there a question on the application related to financial education? Yes! To help in that area, all students are highly encouraged to request a free copy of our valuable Financial Major League educational book “O.M.G. – The Official Money Guide for Teenagers.” Book requests can be sent at any time to education@umcu.orgHow will the applications be judged? There will be a seven-member committee comprised of UMCU Representatives to review, score, and ultimately determine the five (5) winners. When will the winners be announced? By no later than the end of March 2022, with winners receiving their awards in April 2022. Have additional questions? Please email education@umcu.org. Thank you! Sincerely, UMCU
UMCU Youth Scholarship Program


Perspective… Joy… Gratitude… Grace… All Personal Choices!

In your daily life… if one picture could explain it… which role would you play??

Are you the person interacting with other people, are you the person interacting with the phone, are you the person enjoying the lights and self gratitude, or are you “the lights” attractions that causes everyone to gravitate towards you and embrace your presence????

These are all the questions one must evaluate when asking about “perspective joy gratitude and grace.” How do you interact in your space and how does your space interact with you-Perspective…. Are you happy and satisfied and content with where you are and what you are and what you have-Joy&Gratitude… Do you understand all the factors that are out of your control and blessings and privilege you have access to that one might not be so fortunate to have- Grace which places you in the room in the first place… THE LIFE WE ARE ALL GIVEN… FREE WILL!!!

As you check the mirror every morning… what can you honestly tell yourself about the day you will have ahead of you?? What will you choose to create with the 24 hours you have every day to make the most of your life?!?!

Perspective – Joy – Gratitude – Grace… what is your mindset before going out into the world… where does your life start… where does your day begin… what’s your mindset??

Choose to be a champion at life… master your happiness and your attitude towards life!!

#SmileOften… laughter is known to be a natural healer! Your health = your wealth!!!

FOCUS on your Daily GPS… Daily Goals – Priorities – Strategies … Follow One Course Until Successful
When you desire to do good and be good and seek greatness… those things you seek finds a way to find you… Its called the LAWS OF ATTRACTION! When your perspective joy gratitude and grace are all aligned in the right places… the results are given according to how much you truly believe in those things you seek and your desire and efforts spent to achieve those things… it’s like setting a goal of helping 3 people in one day and your grateful about your ability to do so; so you approach the day super excited to help three people and the universe makes a way for you to help 3,000 people instead… that’s called amazing grace and manifestation!

All in all, it comes down to these key things… Perspective, Joy, Gratitude, and Grace! How will you choose to spend your day??

Always remember… God is Love and LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!


Wayne Lyons II

-Ambassador of Peace and Love

Empire For The Youth inc EFTY 501c3

Mastermind Consulting Group LLC

Never Give Up!

Its the 4th Quarter… Great Defense and Ball Control All Game…Its been exciting from the kickoff until the last minute!

Here in the National Faith League…#NFL our goal is to win life to the kingdom of Heaven and leave people in better shape; mentally , physically, spiritually, and financially when they go on to continue their journey.

Here is one of my favorite poems that have helped me tremendously over the years to learn that from my experience and trials in life, I grow and gain wisdom which is also known as life experience. Today I am a better man because of the things I have lived through and can share with others. This poem is call “IF”

Wise Words

In my faith walk, I plan to memorize and internalize the books of proverbs the same way I have internalized this poem IF and all the nuggets of wisdom shared in each stanza… In my meditation time, I decided to write a few lines of my own and share the wisdom God placed in me also…

I wrote this on Saturday so I named it Super Sabbath…


This has been a great holiday weekend and HOPE everyone has shared their gratitude and thankfulness to the people and things they love and care for… my mother was in town and everyone who knows me , knows how much I love my mom… truly a great peace of my heart and wonder to my life! Please give Love and thanks to your parents and caregivers because the support and encouragement they give you is what you need to become who you are today… all the best… HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy!

One Love… Shalom!

-Ambassador of Peace and Love 💡🗽🌎☮️🌞❤️🦁🎁♾💯