The Dreamers Dream

Do you dream the dream of the dreamers? The dreamers who Dream the dream of the dreamers all know how beautiful the dream is. The dream is a Great Dream to be dreamed! Thankful for the dream so the dreamers could have such an amazing dream to dream! Keep on dreaming you dreamers!!!


Writing makes a difference!

Wow!!! My o my how time flies when you keep your head down and grind consistently enjoying each day of the journey. The best thing to do now is write down in a journal in your own hand writing and in a place that you can easily access later in time. Those documents will become your timeless motivation! The creative genius only lives when you allow it to dwell inside of you. Without using the natural gifts you are given, you fail to realize your true full potential. Let’s build each other up together as iron sharpens iron, we shall better each other as iron also is a key ingredient that strengthens our immune system and allows us to combat any disease! It’s all ONE LOVE!!! Knowledge to be gained and passed from generation to generation so we can live in peace On earth as our best selves! There is so much more I would like to catch you up on, but I’ll start right here so we can have a common ground on where we are starting from. Until the next time we speak, always remember… LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!

Wayne Lyons II


With All My Might!!!

Here is a poem I wrote and would like to share tonight at the open mic night.  Heard it was a new chill spot in the city that has a great stage presence. May the spirit of the lord be with me.  Let me know what you think?? It’ll be a lot better heard from my voice but the words are the same, greatness comes to those who put their faith in God YAHWEH the creator of the universe!!


Peace and Love Family!!!



Wayne Lyons II




The Mystery Of Growth!

Timeless is the mind and captions from my eyes! Beautiful has arrived and wisdom is the prize. See your truth in time and then you realize, you were looking too far you didn’t even see what was in front of your eyes. Soul ties as my soul rise elevate the lovers and have doves cry. Think FLY, never lie, search for the guidance from the star in the sky! It give you courage so you can Forever Live Young , and vibe real high! Intelligence ring out, words no longer shout, but the impact and clarity it brings no doubt! What’s this life really about!

Show me truth and I’ll show you growth, you gotta learn something  new and bragging never been better than boast! We food for thought early like toast so get on the wake up call from east to the west coast. We all fellowship and have joy with the Holy Ghost. I’m just the facilitator on this Kingdom Building Mastermind , today I just happen to be the host! Tell me you like to have fun, tell me what you like doing the most. We can take that same thing and start a business that makes some money!(Toast)


Proverbs 16: Peace and Love!!!




Wayne Lyons II