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P2S Vacation Travel Club

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Click on the link to Learn More about the business and how it can help you in every day life. Meeting new people, spending time with family, going out and doing all the things you love to do! Paid2Save allows you to save money doing all of these things, and also if you wish, make some money back by sharing the savings gift cards with the people you meet. Joining this P2S Vacation travel club is super fun and provides GREAT VALUE to all the people that choose to take advantage of the savings opportunities. To join it is only $12.95 per month, and to show you how great it is, we let you use the services for the first 30 days ABSOLUTELY FREE! When signing up, you’ll be asked for $1 to validate and secure your account. The dollar will be returned in 48 hours.

To make a better deal, you can pay $99 for a yearly membership and get access to an all paid for free vacation for the year. Take your friend, family, or loved one to experience the beautiful beaches with you.

Check out a few of these screenshots to get a better understanding of all the deals available with these Vacation Travel Club deals. From home cleaning services, kitchen supplies, shopping and dining deals, all the way up to concert and movie ticket discounts, theme parks, car rentals, cheap hotel prices, and activities you enjoy doing in your spare time.

Let me know what you think by shooting me a text or email at 313-247-7979 or Lyonsway@UMICH.EDU and I can get you started and set up in ZeroTime!

Great times and adventure awaits, let’s not spend our entire life waiting for the chance to live out our dreams and make a big impact on others. Let’s start today!!

I love to have fun and not spend a ton of money doing it, don’t you??

Thanks for taking the time to check out this awesome business, and also for staying on this great journey with me! Together we will make tomorrow better!

Best wishes and God Bless!

Always remember, “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!”

Peace be with you!!


Wayne Lyons II

EFTY – The Power Of Believing

Multitasking = Balance

Today for my third grade class, I practiced being present and interacting with yoga for the engagement activity. Stretching and learning about balance was amazing for the students to learn and practice. The most exciting thing for me was that it was a fairly new concept to all the students.


Keep Going, Do not stop or turn back

What is your goal? Where do you desire to be?

Go fast, go slow, go inch by inch, go acre by acre, go forward not backwards. Keep moving forward and keep striving to reach the goal. Most important above all, make sure that you have a concrete goal. If not, you will continue to journey on an uncharted QUEST, seeking the answers to an unknown question. Living life every day without having an end goal in mind is like preparing your food each day and just leaving it on the kitchen table to collect dust or have others eat it for you. Each day we are blessed to wake up and live, we are faced with the great treasures of gaining experience. Weather the day be a good day or a bad day, its all relative to the perspective of the person living it. A bad day for one person could be the best day in the life of another. Equally true, each day is presented with an opportunity to learn and grow from what you experience that day. Likely, a person’s perspective will allow them to learn as much or as little as they are aware of learning. A person can choose to be open minded to all the new lessons presented by each day, or they can decide they have done all the learning that they desire. The tough and difficult days seem to be the days that I learn the most speaking from my perspective and experiences. These difficult days often teach me many new things that I had not known about myself and about the world around me. I learn about the things that I “NEED” which is more clearly defined when I no longer have the things that I “WANT”.  This helps me to learn more about others because it gives me a sense of empathy for those who are experiencing some of the same things as I. Waking up and shoveling snow in the freezing cold is one example I can use to share my growth and learning experience from my life’s journey. This is something I could not understand fully because in Florida and California, where I lived my entire life, it does not snow there. Today, I have learned and grown more than I could ever learn and grow living in Florida or California. However, some people would declare today as a horrible day if they did not use that time dedicated to making the walking space clear and safe, an exercise opportunity to listen to music and get some healthy productive sweat going before getting the day started. One could feel bad that they are forced to do labor work that others pay to have done. Its all relative to a person’s perspective what they get out of each day they live. My advice is to live for love and have a positive outlook on everything you face. Its your choice to respond to each thing presented in each day. Living with a H.O.P.E. mentality will lead you to many great days, regardless of the circumstances. H.aving O.nly P.ositive E.nergy!! HOPE!!

Lets HOPE together, dream big, and chase our goals full force without doubting or turning back until we have reached our goals!

Always remember… LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!

Peace and Blessings!


Wayne Lyons II


Sooo close!!

Community building, yes we are!! Once we can solidify the venue we will begin to host our after school marketplace where students can come and have access to food music and games along with a healthy learning environment. Parents are also welcome and can have their own section of adult fun while the students engage with other students across the nation. The vision is big and with like minded leaders, we can get it done with no problem. What do you think? Join in and be apart of the fun building the future! Also partner and grow your business brand at the same time. This is the new day and this is how we will help each other by enriching our communities by doing the things we all enjoy doing.

Peace and love!!

Wayne Lyons II

Ups and Downs makes for a fun ride! #LIFE


Life would not be life if everything was picture perfect. No matter how hard people may try to pretend like their life is flawless and perfect, it is not. We all go through moments and phases in our life that we have to look in the mirror and gather the courage to say to ourselves, today was not the best of days but I am still alive and breathing so there is hope for a better day tomorrow. I was going to write more, but I would like to hear from one of you! Comment on this post and lets start a discussion for everyone to chime in so we can talk about LIFE!!

Peace and Love!


Wayne Lyons II

Love Letter

Dear Love,

I express the bond we share through the words that process to this page. Blessings  come in the presence, so with you on my mind, and you in my heart, you are here in this letter! Timeless! Growth in our bond, because best friends cant stay away from each other. Regardless of the miles between us, LOVE is within the both of us! Trust in the faith of belief in greatness! OUR LOVE IS GREAT! We are GREAT! Together we are strong because our balance lifts each other up. Staying elevated and on fire for you has been like the 40 first dates movie. You are not a new person, but I always tend to learn something new about you and our LOVE. TIMELESS LOVE! True Love is unconditional and the more we experience the ups and the downs, we realize the downs are not nearly as bad as we make them out to be. The thought of constantly day in and day out, thinking to myself how beautiful you are! The energy that created you and that is you, LOVE, lets hold on tight FOREVER! Thankfulness and Cheers, to know I am riding front seat and my LOVE have the wheel. Follow the Truth and stay Right! Peace and Family will be the result of LOVE. I love growing into our royalty relationship and bringing our family and the world together to LOVE like we LOVE! Peace and Blessings to those who love! Thank you LOVE for being in my life!

I hope you LOVE my LOVE letter, and continue to LOVE me!



Wayne Lyons II