Wedding Season

It was my honor and pleasure to attend my college roommate Chasson Randle, the all time leading scorer for Stanford Basketball, wedding in California; and the views and experience was more than a blessing! I could not fight back the tears as I saw the beauty of what God has done bringing love and faith and loyalty to both my brother and his wife as they begin their family’s journey to become fruitful and multiply their love and blessings. It is very encouraging to see the benefits of being a great man and finding a great spouse to build your foundation with. This is why I chose to be intentional about sharing this testimony and show the world this example of what true love looks like!

Beautiful times
The Humble Triad of Mind Body & Soul
Life keys!!!

Love Poem

Love you first…Love you most…. Love you with bread… Love you with toast… Love with your heart… love with your mind… love from the front… Love from behind …Love forever, Love with no limits… Let Love be true, not full of gimmicks… Find love, and find self, spend time alone… Inner peace, Golden Wealth… Harmonize with loves tone…Toast to life, and salute to all the blessings… Love the moment and be present… let far future and past things lay in its resting.

Love Conquers All

Stanford University Leadership

Happy Wonderful Wednesday Wise Words…

As I reflect on all the quality traits taught to me by my mom and family and friends over the years; I am humbled and honored at the opportunity to share some of the feedback I have gotten from those people who have been around me, gaining the same iron sharpening iron fellowship that has gotten me to grow into the man I am today.

Special Thank you to Stanford Football for the four years of the most unforgettable leadership training in the world !
Character development is the key!

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Friendship Is Essential To The Soul

To honor my friends, my brothers, and my college roommates…Lance, Chasson, and James… thank you for being great lifelong family! The times we spend together are truly valued and enjoyed thoroughly! The laughter the good vibes, going through championship training, the parties after school, the journey with you is nothing but a blessing and wonderful experience we call timeless motivation is something I look forward to continue building ! #BridgeBuilders… I thank God YAHWEH for gracing me with such great friends… #FamilyMatters!

Breaking Bread and Celebrating Love!

Congratulating both Chasson and James on your wedding with your Mrs, and Lovely foundation for your new family! I truly love love… God is Love and LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!

Kelsey Young- Founder of PlayInc.

I wanted to give a west coast mention to my friend and brother Kelsey Young also who always shows Love when I visit California and when we break bread together it’s always smiles and attitude of gratitude! Family of Faith makes for a brighter day!!

HOPE this Fabulous Friday Family Faith Fellowship post is encouraging and inspires you to show your friends love, and live with big smiles and laughter and appreciation for life and those people in your life! Having Only Positive Energy …#HOPE

One Love!!

Empire For The Youth

Attitude of Gratitude: Black History Elevations and Celebrations !!!🌞❤️🦁🎁💡

Our Story will inspire the next generation!

Let’s connect at a time that works for you, and schedule a Community Bridge Virtual Meeting Room that you and your invited guest can meet together, and have a progressive empowering conversation face to face, that helps us all practice being intentional about our progress as a community and nation. We all desire to live our best lives, remember to enjoy the life we dream with the iron sharpening iron mindset, and utilize the tools, systems, and protocols that will help us all sustain successful lives!! This is truly Kingdom Building…always remember…God is Love and LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!

That’s the motto

One Love!!!

Empire For The Youth