Going through tough times

Believe me, I have been there !!🤕❤️‍🩹

This is a post to remind everyone that this journey 🧗‍♂️was never promised to be painless. I know it gets confusing, difficult, lonely, and far from easy! However, it was promised that we will be victorious at the end and the results will be well worth it!📈🥰🎁

Read Roman’s chapter 8 for yourself

Love your life and stay with your mind fixed on Gods Love and Promise for your life; that all that is going on in and around you are for your greater good and to prosper you, as long as you keep your heart and mind and spirit focused on the light, peace, and love of the most HIGH YAHWEH!!! The example has been presented and recorded in history for our guide… this can be found in the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth roadmap… follow the red inc 📝and internalize the wisdom that is spoken in the divine words. Manifest those works in your actions and become the next model for high impact on society in your community, for your family, and most importantly for your own spirit and soul to be free! Live life to the fullest and start with getting your energy from the source 🔌🙏🏾❤️ Share your story with someone and allow your testimony to be the fruits of your work and the seeds manifested in the kingdom Building work we are all assigned to. Remember… have perseverance and see it through any situation your in and know that God will never place you in a situation he did not intend to get you out of. All honor and praise to the MOST HIGH YAHWEH… Thank you Jesus for being that Ram 🐏 in the bush for all who have faith in love ☮️life and 💡 Light!!

Raise a child with wisdom and it will not depart from them!


Empire For The Youth

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