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Welcome back to this weeks HOT TOPIC!!!


This is a great time for healing, and some of the best healing resources can be found at the center of your heart and mind, which connects to your spirit and soul!

Love yourself and don’t feel bad for it!

As an ambassador of peace and love, professional athlete, CEO, and published author, Empire For The Youth is the sure pathway to mental, physical, and spiritual freedom. Using this sign up link, Schedule you can sign up to join one of the three levels of healing with Wayne. Choose an individual one on one session, a group healing session, or you can get instructed on creating a home based custom healing session that is self led with the group of your choice. There have been many great reviews from working with Wayne, and as you get to know him better, you will get to see how impactful these practices are.


To hear some testimonials and feedback from clients of the past, feel free to join the Facebook page and spread the word about healthy living and healing with Wayne

Love Conquers All!!!

The most important thing we can do in life is love and care for ourselves in a way that brings the light that is within us, to a shining vibrant glow externally for others to see. Try these resources and express your self love in a special way that you might not have ever experienced until you book Here now!

HOPE= Having Only Positive Energy
Build Your Faith from within

Stay Connected!

Empire For The Youth


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