Growing Pains-

When 👶 babies begin to grow their 🦷 teeth… they cry because discomfort of the growing pains. 😯Similar to that process is my spiritual walk and journey of breaking free from the judgment and comparison of worldly living ; as opposed to me growing into the spiritual being that was purposefully built to serve YAHWEH! I must learn to let go of doubt and with confidence continue to pray and trust that All That I Can Do I Have Done in order to be in alignment with the will of God. I must learn to let my spirit lead me in my decision making and believe that all of my needs will be met and I can be still and rest in the peace of YAHWEH and spend time speaking and sharing with Jesus; Building our relationship, and strengthening our communication! Growing and learning and building every day and congratulations to your journey of loving yourself and becoming a better vessel 🚢 to love others better and more completely 😇!🌊🏄🏾‍♂️

Discipline becomes muscle memory! #Excellence

Be Free… have liberties based on Love!!!

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