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God Heals Your WoundsGod redeems your physical, emotional, and spiritual pains. Not only did God forgive your sin, but God took up your pain on the cross to bring you peace (shalom) or a sense of wholeness and well-being (Isaiah 53:3-4).He redeems your pain to make you more like Jesus. I grew more after being let go from several jobs and from cancer than having success. The truth of
Romans 8:28-29 says that God causes everything, whether it’s good or bad, to conform us to the image of Christ. James exhorts you to ask for wisdom when you go through trials to “be perfect and complete, lacking nothing” (James 1:2-5).

Beyond ForgivenessNot only must you forgive the person who wounded you, but your wound also needs healing. We must face the past, whether the wound was abandonment, abuse, or injustice. Processing with extended family members about our relationship, experiences, friends, and activities to learn about family sin patterns can be very helpful for healing. Everybody carries internal pain and external baggage that affects their relationships and walk with God.

Healing the SoulHere are four big principles in healing the soul.

Big principle #1: God isn’t trying to fix you; He wants a relationship with you. It’s in the relationship that you find healing. Don’t be more interested in comfort than in wholeness, or what God can do to make you feel better than trusting in God Himself.

Big principle #2: Theology 101—God is smart, and He knows stuff you don’t know, and He likes to tell you. He knows what needs to be healed and knows how to heal it. You learn by a trusting and listening relationship. For example, if you were abused, face a few of those key memories to find freedom and healing from the effects of the trauma. God knows what memories need to be revisited and He knows how to bring healing to those memories and internal wounds beneath them. The most important thing is to listen to the Spirit’s whispers for His leadership before launching into prayer.

Big principle #3: Tell me your story. Presenting problems like anxiety, depression, marriage problems or an addiction are usually symptoms. Listen to someone’s story to understand why they do what they do, and how they came to where they are. Then you can connect the dots between their story line and the present problems, hurts, and the lies they believe. After listening carefully to a person’s story, listen to the Holy Spirit for insights, wisdom, and revelation.

Big principle #4: Only God heals the soul. “Apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). We must simply bring a person in the presence of Jesus, the healer, for anyone with soul wounds. Only Jesus can heal. Look to Him.

The Healing PresenceOne way the Spirit brings healing is becoming aware of the presence of Jesus in a hurtful memory. Remind a person of Jesus’ presence and pray they see Him in that memory. When you encounter the manifest presence of Jesus in miraculous power, it increases your faith for the next miracle.

Healing Memories: Sanctifying the ImaginationActs 2:17-18 says that sons and daughters will prophesy, young men will see visions, and old men will dream dreams. God sanctifies your imaginations with His prophetic pictures. The language of the heart includes prophetic pictures, dreams, and visions to bring healing to your damaged souls that have been afflicted with painful memories.  Words often don’t heal the heart. The key is the presence of Jesus, not the method.

Blocks to Healing MemoriesOne block is introspection when your eyes are focused on yourself, often connected to toxic shame and rooted in pride. Another block can be demonic when a person can’t see the face of Jesus, but only His feet. Lift their chin to break the shame.

Following the Spirit’s LeadingSometimes the Holy Spirit will have us meditate on a passage of Scripture to bring revelation of Jesus’ presence for healing. Sometimes you see the face of Jesus after praying for someone. Then pray that the Spirit reveals to them what you see.

Redemptive SufferingMuch healing takes place over time. God can bring a stream of grievous pain alongside His loving presence and peace. God provides healing through access to His presence over an encounter, prophetic word or image, healing prayer, silence and solitude, the Word, or other pathways. He can do it all at once or over time. We must seek God because He’s the Healer. When God meets you in powerful ways, write it down in a journal so you can learn all you can for future reference.

Spiritual Action StepsRecall a major wound and ask the Holy Spirit how He wants to address this wound. Maybe He would have you invite Jesus to come. Watch and listen. Enter His presence. Follow His leading.What are some of the major wounds in your life? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you any areas that may need healing. Let Him surface memories to mind. Some of the memories may surprise you, but don’t dismiss them.Find a fellow believer who is willing to pursue healing with you. Listen more than you pray or talk. Allow the Spirit to direct your prayer time. Jesus is the Healer. We have nothing.
(Dr. Rob Reimer, Soul Care, pgs. 149-179).If you want a free copy of the book, Soul Care, email or text Mark Pomeroy: or (402) 617-4959.

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