Friendship Is Essential To The Soul

To honor my friends, my brothers, and my college roommates…Lance, Chasson, and James… thank you for being great lifelong family! The times we spend together are truly valued and enjoyed thoroughly! The laughter the good vibes, going through championship training, the parties after school, the journey with you is nothing but a blessing and wonderful experience we call timeless motivation is something I look forward to continue building ! #BridgeBuilders… I thank God YAHWEH for gracing me with such great friends… #FamilyMatters!

Breaking Bread and Celebrating Love!

Congratulating both Chasson and James on your wedding with your Mrs, and Lovely foundation for your new family! I truly love love… God is Love and LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!

Kelsey Young- Founder of PlayInc.

I wanted to give a west coast mention to my friend and brother Kelsey Young also who always shows Love when I visit California and when we break bread together it’s always smiles and attitude of gratitude! Family of Faith makes for a brighter day!!

HOPE this Fabulous Friday Family Faith Fellowship post is encouraging and inspires you to show your friends love, and live with big smiles and laughter and appreciation for life and those people in your life! Having Only Positive Energy …#HOPE

One Love!!

Empire For The Youth

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