Gratitude on The Journey!

As the journey continues… It is only right to connect with the memories and experiences of the past to reflect and grow from the lessons learned throughout the journey. We still have very far to go on our path, and without acknowledging where you have been, you are hindering the growth to where you are going. Also, you lose sight of how far you have already come…which provides the motivation and inspiration to keep on going! keep your head high and eyes forward to look for the next opportunities that will surely come. To all the people who were there present with me on the journey, this next paragraph is for you!

Thank you dearly, for the friendship, laughter, compassion, accountability, discipline, fun times, wild times, scary times, quiet times, sleepless times, boring times, grinding times, and all the wonderful memories we have with us to take onto forever! From high school at Dillard in Florida, undergrad at Stanford in California, to graduate school at University of Michigan… I am truly thankful for all the wonderful experiences. Joining “AIA” and “FCA” which is Athletes In Action and Fellowship of Christian Athletes…which are two of the spiritual groups I was apart of at both universities, I was able to make some amazing friends, share some amazing stories and also grow so much as a person individually. It is amazing now to have the National Wake Up Call as an extended family that is an open invite to both of the organizations and all leaders, weather in college sports or not, to receive the word of light, love, and liberty daily with a group of loving people. During the days of pushing the tractor and running miles, to the days of stretching in calm doing yoga… those times have molded me into the man I am today still to have the discipline to keep my mind, body, and soul in tip top shape to perform optimal! Life is surely a roller coaster ride that I am thankful and grateful to enjoy with all my friends and family who chooses to grab a seat. The commissioner and engineer, and director of the entire journey is the most high YAHWEH … LOVE… I’m thankful for the LIGHT & LIFE… together we will enjoy forever and eternity walking in grace as one!!! #OneLove #FamilyMatters #KingdomBuilding

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