#FamilyMatters… Surroundings +Time = Environment nourishment

Imagine a conversation between 4 generations… discussing the 5 dimensions of life; Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual

and Social. We bring consciousness while using different language to paint the picture as the method of communication … instruments of Gods band performing in the band for our future generations and lineage to learn and pass on knowledge and wisdom …

For example… English, Spoken Words, Written Words, Body Language, Sign Language, and Enthusiasm … all different ways of communicating… find the vibration that helps you understand how the universe communicates with you!!

When you see the future and know that it is a result of the past experiences aligning with the present to provide the wisdom needed to understand the best way to move forward..Applied Knowledge … There is no need for knowledge and wisdom if there is no true UNDERSTANDING!

Climb to the top of success!

Follow Our Nonprofit for Encouragement

Join the conversation and keep the fire blazing with spreading light life and love to our youth !!

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