Mindful Motivation

We become what we think… let’s master our mind and thoughts!

Let’s all make a concise decision to be Respectful, Responsible, and Reliable!

These are the three R words we used with our students this week to help remind all of us what it looks and feels like; to be a great leader, student, and child! We must RESPECT ourselves first in order to be respected by anyone else…We must keep our business in order and handle all of our duties to show that we are RESPONSIBLE… We must have good character and showcase integrity with everyone we deal with so we can be considered RELIABLE!

If we have not discovered yet the power of mental toughness and mental discipline, it can be easy to find yourself stressed out or in an unfavorable situation. Regardless of the place time or situation, in school, sports, or business; we must learn to face adversities and handle them with Grace and Control… controlling our attitude and the way we respond to things is 90% of our battle! We can never control the things that happen in life, but we can prepare to create the best situations and work to respond to each situation in a manner that will bring something good back to us. Consider each lesson you learn in life as a TEST… that will one day become a TESTIMONY for someone else who will also one day face the same lesson. The only difference between the Student and the Teacher is the one who has LEARNED from the test will graduate from student to teacher, and the one who does not learn the lesson will continue to repeat the test as the student!

All the best… HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy… LOVE CONQUERS ALL


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