Mindful Minute Motivation!!!

Today one of our teachers shared this inspiring video with me with the thoughts and intentions of providing encouragement for the day! She was successful in doing so… in fact it inspired me enough to add to this blog page. Not because the team and university being showcased is The University of Michigan; but because the message of going after your dreams and living a fulfilled life without regret is a message that touched my soul. The reason I know it hit home, is because it brought tears to my eyes and filled me with that game day passion I remember from playing at Stanford and in the BIG House!

Live your dreams before it’s too late!!!

With these reminders and constant refreshes, we can continue to pursue the things that keep our heart pounding and give us the feeling of living the life worth while! Don’t fall into the real trap of being complacent and living your life to fulfill someone else’s dream… use your wings and FLY…Dream… Believe… Forever Live Young… don’t stay on the ground when you can take flight… Have courage like a 🦁 and soar high like an 🦅… manifest your dreams… Faith and Works go together!

These are the mindful minutes we provide to our students daily so they can always know ; they can achieve anything they set their mind too… the only limitations are those they place on themselves!

Reach one and Teach one!!!
Gods Plan!
The Power of Believing!
God is Love and LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!

Kingdom Building Heaven On Earth!!!


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