Timeless and impactful conversation… Conflict Resolution

Watched the documentary with 3 different generations of young men!

The impact of the conversation held after was perhaps life saving for one of the 10 men in the room, if not all of them!

Having the humility… and consciousness to realize how one impulsive reaction… 2 minutes of interaction… can cause you 20-Life!!!

How do we shift and lift our culture to the normalization of healthy communication and conflict resolution…NOT TOO PROUD… to the point where when we feel uncomfortable or disrespected… react in a way that’s willing to cost your life…impulsive testosterone that can be calmed by taking a moment to think, breathe, consider, and redirect into a more productive outcome!!!

I understand as a world class athlete and having all the confidence in the world, it’s difficult to break the instinctual habit and natural reaction to do what you do all the time… go beast mode on your competition and defeat your enemy… ….. ….. But when can we normalize the culture outside of sports, in our community, in our schools, in our homes… Lower your shoulders, Let go of your pride… and Lean on better thoughts and better days to come… …Like pops said in Friday… “Son, you live to see another day!”

What is the price of self defense or defense of pride…we must communicate and practice and train our nervous system on healthy ways to manage conflict.

Let’s keep this conversation going and comment here… also bring this conversation to your friends, family, students, and staff… let’s protect our future and revive our community from all the generations of trauma… Together we can and United WE WILL!!! Bring Heaven on Earth!!!

Conflict Resolution

Always remember… HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy… God is Love and LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!

Stay bright … smile often… enjoy life… and make many wonderful memories!!

Love LifeLove&Light!!!


Ambassadors of Peace and Love#NFL…National Faith League!


Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

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