Fabulous Friday Family Faith Focus


Start the day with healthy decisions!

For you to reach your full potential… you first must know what you are made of… know what your capable of…know what you were created for! This is what I consider knowledge of self! After gaining knowledge of self, you then must practice loving yourself!

Tree stump print next to a fingerprint

As you can see in the illustration above; uniquely distinctive and uniformly similar are both the human fingerprints and the tree stump print. When viewed at first glance it’s hard to tell the two apart, but when studied with a fine eye, you will discover that not two in all of the planet are the same! This is the proof that we are all made equally, yet we are all made different from one another.


The same way an apple 🍎 tree, pear🍐tree, and cherry 🍒 tree are all uniform in structure but distinctively different in what it produces… the same is the case for us as humans! We are all built the same but carry our own unique attributes which allows us to produce different results. This is the reason we should not compare ourselves to others, but rather focus our energy on becoming the best “US” we can become by practicing “self-love”… this is why we use the saying… Be – You – Til – Full!!! Become beautiful by learning and expressing your love and passions! A Cherry Tree will never become full of fruit if it spends it’s entire life focusing on growing pears and apples!

Balance your time… growing!!!

We all get 24 hours each day to work on becoming a better more fruitful person than we are the day before. We must be intentional about spending time growing in the areas of our life that are in harmony with our growth and purpose for living. Use a planner to write down important priorities of yours and to carve out time for events and goals you set for yourself ; keep an accountability tool handy.

Love life… choose the light 💡… and enjoy being present 🎁 with all the things that help bring you peace ☮️💯🏆

Wisdom is beautiful… with love you acquire it!!!

Don’t fall into the same traps and dumps as everyone else who lose fire 🔥 and spark⚡️ in life because they get drained from trying to be something they were not meant to be. Find yourself, love yourself, and build yourself! Life is what you make it, and we all become what we think!

Let’s keep encouraging each other to find our greatness and live our best life each and every day!

Always remember… God is Love and LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!

F5 – Fabulous Friday Family Faith Focus! With EFTY – Empire For The Youth

One Love!


-Ambassador of Peace and Love


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