Poems from the 🌞

Writing is therapeutic, similar to good music, use it or you lose it , positive life is yours when you choose it.

Peace is the plan the thought control how you stand, we all walk as hu(MAN), vibrations awaken you first glance, excited to dance and connect with some friends, in order to be effective the people must understand. Can’t think too advanced even though you really can because if the team can’t communicate, the plan will not pan.

Thankful singing to God because I can, he bring the divine to the man, we can never realize, interpret, or empathize his power as a man. His Amazing Grace provides us to live with the Holy Spirit so we can somewhat understand. Walk in the life of the light 💡 and learn from the sun ☀️ Jesus Christ, your blessings will be sown abundantly and you will begin to learn what’s life.

Gratitude is the 🔑, being thankful is what helps us live free. Show love and respect to others and YAHWEH will show love to thee. Blessings to the youth , because they only know the truth. Until the world begins to deceive and shake up dem roots. Speak true , live for God, dependence on him like you one percent battery and need a charge. Beat the odds, create some jobs, DoWit large, bet on yourself when you play your cards, take some charge. Demand your time, but be sincere and respectful when you speak your mind, we wanna build so we can all climb. I like to rhyme, productive with my time, focus and enriching me and my kids minds.

That’s all for now, but listen, what I want you to know. God is our savior and he is touching your door. Let him in to save you and brighten your day, it’ll be amazing the love you will get each and every day. Even in the tough times he can always bring you peace ✌🏾 you don’t have to worry about a thing, he will tell you when to speak. I’m a grateful student ready to learn from the master, please read this carefully, he could be returning faster!

-Thank you for allowing me to share this poem

Peace and Blessings!!

Always remember,


Wayne Lyons II


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