Weekly updates with leaders!

As we wind down the last week in January, we wanted to provide some ongoing updates that will keep us all informed and involved with community Kingdom Building! Starting from the top down , leaders from the federal level are allowing transparency to all the community leaders and advocates to join the forces of good and communicate effectively the changes that we want to see. I’ll do my best to provide the updates and latest news and events so we can provide feedback and participate when the time calls. Join me and comment your feedback here, or join us on the call each Tuesday morning and let’s take our Global Leadership assignment serious!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

A plethora of resources to help you and those you care about!
Join the call with us or subscribe to the news letter so you can get all the latest and greatest information! News Letter

Always remember… Teamwork makes the dream work!! #NFL National Faith League!

#GLUE Network… Global Leaders Uniting Everywhere!

Love Conquers All!!!


-Ambassador of Peace and Love



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