a place to go

How do you grow, how do you know, how do you receive all the seeds that you sow! Is it just, is it fair, can you find a legitimate way to live comfortably, with no cares. Do you love yourself, are you chasing your dreams do you see yourself as royalty? Personally, ima young king! My smile and the words of love from God give me eternity… that’s my ring!!! Happy to share it with everyone on my team!!! Kingdom building… teamwork makes the dream work!! Together let’s sing!!!


Smiles and timeless self motivation! Join me in the blog!! Love conquers All!!



I look forward to my little cousin do bigger things than me on his football journey!!

My young twin!!! Proud to see him grow into a great young man!
Top Safety from South Florida
Built Lauderdale tough!
Ball hawk with speed… lol we raced!!
Speed kills
And he is Lauderdale tough!
I’m wishing I was there to have hands on impact but I believe faith works !!!

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