BOSS Moves in the family

Congratulations on being the champions!!!

I wanted to share my hearts felt excitement and thrill I have for my sister and her championship year with the BLUE COATS!!!

Winning feels good!!!

Most importantly I wanted to say how proud of you I am Danielle M. Lyons my big sister blossoming in her career and mastering a position that takes Gods Gifts to organize, and encourage, and manage an entire organization that’s winning championships consistently! That’s proof that your doing something right and you have earned the respect of everyone in the organization and all those who watch and support your journey like me! Celebrate and enjoy the victory and the rewards of hard work!

Tangible proof of excellence!!!

I’m excited to see where life takes you as you continue to grow and do your best in your surroundings, and everyone around you will be lucky to have you and I’m proud of how Awesome your doing with such a big role… all the praises to the most HIGH!! We shall be talking soon!

Once again congratulations on the championship victory!

All the best… HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy…Light… Love… Liberty!!

One Love!


-Ambassador of Peace and Love


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