Perspective… Joy… Gratitude… Grace… All Personal Choices!

In your daily life… if one picture could explain it… which role would you play??

Are you the person interacting with other people, are you the person interacting with the phone, are you the person enjoying the lights and self gratitude, or are you “the lights” attractions that causes everyone to gravitate towards you and embrace your presence????

These are all the questions one must evaluate when asking about “perspective joy gratitude and grace.” How do you interact in your space and how does your space interact with you-Perspective…. Are you happy and satisfied and content with where you are and what you are and what you have-Joy&Gratitude… Do you understand all the factors that are out of your control and blessings and privilege you have access to that one might not be so fortunate to have- Grace which places you in the room in the first place… THE LIFE WE ARE ALL GIVEN… FREE WILL!!!

As you check the mirror every morning… what can you honestly tell yourself about the day you will have ahead of you?? What will you choose to create with the 24 hours you have every day to make the most of your life?!?!

Perspective – Joy – Gratitude – Grace… what is your mindset before going out into the world… where does your life start… where does your day begin… what’s your mindset??

Choose to be a champion at life… master your happiness and your attitude towards life!!

#SmileOften… laughter is known to be a natural healer! Your health = your wealth!!!

FOCUS on your Daily GPS… Daily Goals – Priorities – Strategies … Follow One Course Until Successful
When you desire to do good and be good and seek greatness… those things you seek finds a way to find you… Its called the LAWS OF ATTRACTION! When your perspective joy gratitude and grace are all aligned in the right places… the results are given according to how much you truly believe in those things you seek and your desire and efforts spent to achieve those things… it’s like setting a goal of helping 3 people in one day and your grateful about your ability to do so; so you approach the day super excited to help three people and the universe makes a way for you to help 3,000 people instead… that’s called amazing grace and manifestation!

All in all, it comes down to these key things… Perspective, Joy, Gratitude, and Grace! How will you choose to spend your day??

Always remember… God is Love and LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!


Wayne Lyons II

-Ambassador of Peace and Love

Empire For The Youth inc EFTY 501c3

Mastermind Consulting Group LLC

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