Never Give Up!

Its the 4th Quarter… Great Defense and Ball Control All Game…Its been exciting from the kickoff until the last minute!

Here in the National Faith League…#NFL our goal is to win life to the kingdom of Heaven and leave people in better shape; mentally , physically, spiritually, and financially when they go on to continue their journey.

Here is one of my favorite poems that have helped me tremendously over the years to learn that from my experience and trials in life, I grow and gain wisdom which is also known as life experience. Today I am a better man because of the things I have lived through and can share with others. This poem is call “IF”

Wise Words

In my faith walk, I plan to memorize and internalize the books of proverbs the same way I have internalized this poem IF and all the nuggets of wisdom shared in each stanza… In my meditation time, I decided to write a few lines of my own and share the wisdom God placed in me also…

I wrote this on Saturday so I named it Super Sabbath…


This has been a great holiday weekend and HOPE everyone has shared their gratitude and thankfulness to the people and things they love and care for… my mother was in town and everyone who knows me , knows how much I love my mom… truly a great peace of my heart and wonder to my life! Please give Love and thanks to your parents and caregivers because the support and encouragement they give you is what you need to become who you are today… all the best… HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy!

One Love… Shalom!

-Ambassador of Peace and Love 💡🗽🌎☮️🌞❤️🦁🎁♾💯


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