Veterans Day Dinner

What an honor it is to give thanks and gratitude to the veterans that have dedicated their lives and time for the call of duty to protect the Freedom and Liberty of all of the citizens of the United States of America !
My good friend, business partner, and brother in Christ; Mr. Anthony Benton (Tony. B.) showcased his great leadership ability by hosting this fundraising dinner to honor and support the services rendered to help and serve both local and international communities with his expertise in digital marketing and economic development. He is the CEO and owner of Pinnacles Enterprise #OnTop
He had an amazing opportunity to meet face to face with Generals that have served and lead thousands of troops; sharing his vision on how we can all work together as a collective using our leadership skills to make the future a better and brighter place… we call this Kingdom Building!
The food was amazing, and the “food for thought” was even more dynamic with the number of high caliber leaders in attendance… truly exemplifies how “Teamwork makes the Dream work!”
All for One and One for All…. In God we trust… Light , Love , Liberty !!!
It is truly an honor to support and be apart of such an important movement… we call it the Positive Purpose Movement #PPM
My mom once told me, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!” We surely care and respect and honor all those who have paved the way for us to be here today!
The magnitude of this word, “SACRIFICE” sums up the LOVE our Heavenly Father has given us to be complete in his image and likeness, through the “sacrifice” of his one and only son so that we can all be complete and made whole and blameless and blessed forever… Heaven On Earth!
Thank you Mr. Benton for your commitment to excellence and your thorough follow up to make all of this possible! I look forward to many more great events together and continuing on our Faith Walk in this NFL journey… National Faith League!
There will be more events in the near future that you can join us on… events will be both live in person and virtually available thanks to the latest technology and communication systems… always remember… God is Love and LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!! All the best… HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy!

One Love!


Wayne Lyons II

-Ambassador of Peace and Love

Empire For The Youth inc. EFTY

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