Gratitude is the key to fulfillment!

Kingdom Building + Bridge Building = An awesome future!

10 years ago!! That was me!!

Amazing grace and graceful aging means I’m learning along the journey and becoming a better person! Through believing in myself and becoming the man that God has called me to be helps me to ignore all the energy that opposes my HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy! As my big brothers did for me… I must do for the next generation of young men who are my little brothers… encourage and enlighten them with my life experience in ways to make their life better and more enjoyable and by Gods Grace help them to avoid any mistakes I made … or at least learn the things that I have learned and wish I knew when I was that age. My friends… that is what I call BRIDGE BUILDING!!!

Together let’s do it… make tomorrow a brighter day! Each one… Reach one… and Teach one! Love conquers all because God is Love and we must all LOVE EACH OTHER AS ONE!!!


-Ambassador of Peace and Love



Here I am at Stanford… Building my own bridges!!!
We had to see if it could handle the “Stress”
We passed and I learned so much from that class!!!

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