Stair Climb Event – LA 🏟

What an Amazing Experience it was connecting with the team in LA to promote unity in the community and social emotional and economic enrichment through STREAMMM Programs…

Science- The physical make up and matter that works as our temple to showcase the life we contain and the greatness within the wisdom we contain.

Technology- The tools we use to record the footage and share the message and enable the communication we share with everyone around the globe.💻📲

Research- The data we gather from practicing these principles with others and gaining results and blueprints to showcase a way of duplication and as others would say… “Manifestations”🔬🧪🧐

Engineering- The design and the creation that lives within us; and the practice of building the real estate and the spaces to express the beings we desire to optimize. 🧱🏗🏙

Arts- The music, painting, singing, dancing, creating, building, expressing, and showcasing of the many gifts and talents we contain. 🎭🎨

Math- The arithmetic that results from the laws of the universe in which provides sure and true answers to those that (ASK) Ask, Seek, and Knock. 🧮♾

Medicine- The spiritual force of grace and forgiveness that heals our body, mind, and soul so that we can live daily as our best and brightest self when we learn to master self love…best practiced remedies, and healthy living. 🚑⚕️🩺

Mentor- One who shares knowledge, wisdom, and life experience to guide others into the right path of success and prosperity. One who takes the time to encourage and uplift those who are receptive to their advice and recommendations. 🌞👼🏾😇

Rise with the 🌞 and set with the 🌞

Empire For The Youth Presents STEM 2 STREAMMM!

EFTY StairClimb Event

Wellness and balance in our mental physical spiritual and financial lives

Great exercise!!!
Health = Wealth!!!🏟😃
Giving back feels great; together we can give back in a major way!!!💡🗽🌎✌🏾


Let’s keep the fire burning by each of us being logs in the fire and fuel to the torch… living with enthusiasm and purpose to be a great contribution to society! All the best… HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy
Beautiful views… Amazing Grace!


Wayne Lyons II

-Ambassador of Peace and Love



EFTY soundtrack

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