Fabulous Friday Forever Fun!


What is life without the people you share it with?? Somewhat empty and isolated??

What if, TODAY, you discovered that you have the ability to embrace and receive the amazing blessings and gifts that come with being present🎁!! Excitement and thrill shall enter your being and you will experience the thrill of having true JOY!

It’s not possible to actually receive and enjoy the things that are planned and scheduled for the times in the future… you can only imagine what that feeling would be…

It’s not possible to go back in the past and change events that have already passed and been declared as history… you can only reflect on what was…

Being present and in the moment with the people surrounding us is the gift from the Creator that we must all understand and live with… it eliminates the anxiety of thinking about the future… and it eliminates the worries and concerns of the past…

We become completely filled with the JOY and pleasures of life that was promised to everyone who chooses to live with light love and good energy! We become whatever we create and when we encourage each other to be our best… we have no choice but to have the results of the laws of the universe… “we become what we think”

Ambassadors of Peace and Love… beings living with the life of the most high!!

Always grateful and always thankful… Amazing Grace!

Have a great day everyone and Fabulous Friday!

All the best… HOPE… Having Only Positive Energy!

One Love!


Wayne Lyons II

-Ambassador of Peace and Love


Love Conquers All!!!

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday Forever Fun!”

  1. Thanks again and again for sharing caring helping praying smiling trusting traveling worshiping loving each other and blessings The Lord Jesus The Christ God The Father and The Holy Spirit…please continue praying for peace forgiveness blessings peace ☮️ grace mercy forgiveness grace grace mercy mercy forgiveness!!!

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