Life is great! Time is to be valued, not observed!

When you wake up in the morning, whats the first thought that comes to you, what attitude consumes your mind?? Are you gearing your day towards productivity, confusion, excitement, or dread?? Who is on your list to contact, what is your objective and purpose for waking up?? Is being awake and active better or worse than sleeping, why?? What is it about you, your life, and all the things and people connected to your life, that makes you happy or sad to wake up?? Who are you, and what kind of person are you when you wake up?? Will you continue to be excellent in your approach, or will you play the role of conforming to the world and fitting in with the average?? Are you brave and courageous enough to dare to be different?? Are you strong enough to be unique and authentically who you were created to be?? What is the definition of success to you?? Who is also connected to your success, and what is it that makes it a success?? How long will you choose to chase greatness, and when does the mark for greatness end?? Is there an end to being great or is there a cap on success?? Where do you see yourself being successful and for how long?? As we continue on the journey and quest for greatness, let’s continue to ask ourself these questions daily, and from there let’s learn to activate our daily affirmations and bring to reality each thing we declare from our tongue. Say it out loud with me right now…. repeat after me… say…” TODAY IS A GREAT DAY; TODAY WE DESIRE TO BE GREAT; TODAY WE WILL BE GREAT!!!”



Wayne Lyons II

-Ambassador of Peace and Love!

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