Hate 2 Love or LOVE 2 HATE

WHAT A QUESTION THAT IS? Do you find something hard to love… or do you love something that could be hurtful to you?? I have found that in my life and what it seems to be common among people… THE TRUTH!!! People either hate to love it, or love to hate it… regardless, the truth is the truth and that will not be changed. When out and about start to take notice in the things that are truthful and factual, how much attention it gains. All the opinions and gossip, see how much attention that gains. Ask yourself, what is actually THE TRUTH… WHAT IS YOUR TRUTH… and does YOUR TRUTH CONFLICT WITH THE TRUTH??? To make this all make sense, the most important question to ask and confirm is…. ARE YOU LOVING OR HATING??

Always remember… “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!”

Peace & Blessings!!



Wayne Lyons II

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