EFTY Prayers For Passings



Greetings Family,

Today, my two third grade students inspired me to write this blog post. Not only did they inspire this post, but they also inspired a book and the name of it, “The Power Of Believing 2”. As young scholars, they must understand, it matters not how old they are, but rather how much they care. As they started the session with the overall theme, “The Power Of Believing ” I had one student mention his already started book, and the second student mentioned his love for the Titanic and how much he really cared for all the people who passed away. For this post, we wanted to work together and share some prayers for all the people who passed away on the Titanic, and all the passings in general over the years. To start the prayer we know that it must first begin from a place of LOVE. As we pray, we hope the powers of the universe can protect and bring peace to the souls of the lives lost, and the families who lost their loved ones on the ship. We pray that they are now angels watching over us to protect us from all of harm, and to strengthen us in our beliefs of peace and love. On that glorious ship, over 1,500 people lost their lives, and we are hoping and praying that in the future we can restore and save over double the amount of lives by helping them all believe in WORLD LOVE! AMEN!

As we start this new book, let this first page be the motivation to an outstanding “EFTY THE POWER OF BELIEVING 2” Servant Leadership!


Always remember, “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!”



Wayne Lyons II

Power of Believing Part 2:

As the days continue, and the sun continues to shine, my students are constantly growing and expanding their mind. In 2001 two planes crashed into the world trade center AKA the Twin Towers because the young people might not know about the history of this event. This is an opportunity to teach history and allow the space to vent. We know we can not control the outcomes of life, we just hope that all the lives that were lost are heaven sent.


Peace and Blessings!



Wayne Lyons II


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