Open Mic Night!!!

Two weeks ago, I was on stage for the first time in Ypsilanti for open mic night and the crowd showed me love. Tonight I will take the stage in Detroit, Lord willing, the crowd will embrace and enjoy my vibes again tonight. To prepare, let me write this quick poem/freestyle to get the creative juices flowing!


A rhyme quickly in time is only as great as the voice originators mind. Where do you get your motivation and knowledge? do you get elevated? do you grind? The value you have for yourself will reflect in the ways you carry. Stay blessed, never stress, keep your vibrations marry! We all family, small parts just like Adams. Together we become huge and make the world go around, and thats your status! DHS know about moving fast, learned that from my boy Harry. Love yourself, get your bread, protect your peace and home, have balance and be varied. When its all said and done Love Conquers ALL, you create your reality, and there is no need to be scared…go out in the world and BALL!!!


Peace and Blessings!


Wayne Lyons II

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