What’s in your backpack??

As I was speaking and growing with my group of 7th and 8th grade boys at GEE White Academy, I asked them what would make a better classroom, and what’s the difference between and good and a bad student. As funny as it may sound, one student said the kids with the backpacks are the bad students. I did not know if he was just trying to be funny or if his reality really was just that, people getting in trouble and placing bad things in their backpacks was indeed his truth. From that lead us into a great discussion about, “WHATS IN YOUR BACKPACK?” The reason I had to ask was because I was carrying my backpack with me even as the teacher and in order for him and the entire group to understand that it’s most important, the things inside the backpack, rather than the backpack itself. This related to our mind and bodies as well. Regardless of our shape and size, that does not matter but rather what’s inside of us like our thoughts, heart, and attitude what makes the biggest difference. Although he did not carry much in his backpack, I hope I was able to spark something exciting in his mindset when I revealed to him what was in my backpack. I also made sure to notice, regardless that we are in the same building everyday attending the same school, the only difference between him and I was the things I was feeding myself daily to grow in knowledge. The things inside my backpack. I showed how I keep it organized and how it helps me to always have handy the things I need when the right time and place allowed me to share. At first I was going to reveal in this memoirs all the things I had in my backpack to share at the moment, but that would not do this blog any justice. Instead, I would like you to imagine what was all available to showcase, and also think for yourself, what are you carrying inside of your mind, body, and soul daily. “WHAT IS IN YOUR BACKPACK??”

Until next time, always remember… “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!”

Peace and Blessings!!

Wayne Lyons II

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