If you can’t see the board, how can you learn? If you are not looking , how can you see what I’m saying?? ❤️🦁

As I spent today starting with my second grade class, it is cool how the next class 8th grade was able to receive the same lesson! Looking and clearly being able to see and understand the lesson. Listening to my presentation with your back turned, or sitting in the back of the classroom with no 👓 glasses. How will you ever understand?? Once I was able to share my glasses and allow the two 8th grade students the difference of actually being able to see the board could be game changing for their life!! The simple things and clear examples of not knowing what you don’t know! As for my second grade class, with your back turned you miss out on not only the non verbal communication, but you also miss out on trying on my Stanford and Michigan helmets along with the championship rings! How will you ever feel and understand what real motivation looks like, feels like, or future lessons presented on the board projection. It’s beyyer to learn now rather than going your entire life not knowing !! We correct you out of love and with no correction, there is no true love!! Let’s get better daily and discover our purpose and greatness!! Love Conquers All!! Please remember that!!

Peace and Shalom!!

Wayne Lyons II

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