Write in Life

Life is hard but it’s fair. It have its times of giving us life and other times of causing us to question! What’s the drive keeping me going? What’s inside my eyes when I look in the mirror that tells me, I will not accept you giving up on me! The will and desire to laugh at all the trouble and hardships that are thrown my way! Even when the barriers are all around, I find my way to persevere through the toughest terrain. Blessed because I know that God gives his toughest battles to his most worthy soldiers! So I look a hard time in the eyes and laugh in the embracing of my victory! Never let it bring you down, and never let it take your light! Forever lit and on fire with passion. Lukewarm living just might kill you faster. I’m still a student even tho I can study with the master. Asking for the answers and corrections to my mistakes will just help me to get there faster. Learning as I grow that means that I’m understanding it faster. People work they craft but have no balance and it becomes their master. Forced to be a man because In Fort Lauderdale things happen a lot faster.

Peace and Love!

Wayne Lyons II

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