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P2S Vacation Travel Club

Let’s take some time to talk!

Click on the link to Learn More about the business and how it can help you in every day life. Meeting new people, spending time with family, going out and doing all the things you love to do! Paid2Save allows you to save money doing all of these things, and also if you wish, make some money back by sharing the savings gift cards with the people you meet. Joining this P2S Vacation travel club is super fun and provides GREAT VALUE to all the people that choose to take advantage of the savings opportunities. To join it is only $12.95 per month, and to show you how great it is, we let you use the services for the first 30 days ABSOLUTELY FREE! When signing up, you’ll be asked for $1 to validate and secure your account. The dollar will be returned in 48 hours.

To make a better deal, you can pay $99 for a yearly membership and get access to an all paid for free vacation for the year. Take your friend, family, or loved one to experience the beautiful beaches with you.

Check out a few of these screenshots to get a better understanding of all the deals available with these Vacation Travel Club deals. From home cleaning services, kitchen supplies, shopping and dining deals, all the way up to concert and movie ticket discounts, theme parks, car rentals, cheap hotel prices, and activities you enjoy doing in your spare time.

Let me know what you think by shooting me a text or email at 313-247-7979 or Lyonsway@UMICH.EDU and I can get you started and set up in ZeroTime!

Great times and adventure awaits, let’s not spend our entire life waiting for the chance to live out our dreams and make a big impact on others. Let’s start today!!

I love to have fun and not spend a ton of money doing it, don’t you??

Thanks for taking the time to check out this awesome business, and also for staying on this great journey with me! Together we will make tomorrow better!

Best wishes and God Bless!

Always remember, “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!”

Peace be with you!!


Wayne Lyons II

EFTY – The Power Of Believing

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