Love Letter

Dear Love,

I express the bond we share through the words that process to this page. Blessings  come in the presence, so with you on my mind, and you in my heart, you are here in this letter! Timeless! Growth in our bond, because best friends cant stay away from each other. Regardless of the miles between us, LOVE is within the both of us! Trust in the faith of belief in greatness! OUR LOVE IS GREAT! We are GREAT! Together we are strong because our balance lifts each other up. Staying elevated and on fire for you has been like the 40 first dates movie. You are not a new person, but I always tend to learn something new about you and our LOVE. TIMELESS LOVE! True Love is unconditional and the more we experience the ups and the downs, we realize the downs are not nearly as bad as we make them out to be. The thought of constantly day in and day out, thinking to myself how beautiful you are! The energy that created you and that is you, LOVE, lets hold on tight FOREVER! Thankfulness and Cheers, to know I am riding front seat and my LOVE have the wheel. Follow the Truth and stay Right! Peace and Family will be the result of LOVE. I love growing into our royalty relationship and bringing our family and the world together to LOVE like we LOVE! Peace and Blessings to those who love! Thank you LOVE for being in my life!

I hope you LOVE my LOVE letter, and continue to LOVE me!



Wayne Lyons II

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