Holidays and new year

As we wind down these last few hours of the 2018 year, let’s show our gratitude and appreciation for family and friends. As I was able to make it back home to Fort Lauderdale for Christmas, it had not dawned on me how much I missed my family , and how much they missed me! From the conversations we had and the lovely home cooked meals prepared by my grandma, I was left in tears after a song came over the speakers saying how thankful he was to be alive and with family for the holidays. I felt that song in my soul and had to put my plate down and walk outside to avoid my family seeing me crying. The time we spent together was priceless, I really hope they know there will be many more times in the future for us to connect and embrace love together. Now that I am hours away from 2019, we just finished with a nice session at planet fitness to work off some of the holiday food and drinks so we can maintain our sense of balance and have even shares of work and play. I will be misleading you if I was to tell you that I am not preparing to celebrate and bring in the new year on a high note. I would recommend this approach to anyone. Surround yourself with family and friends and good times so we can assure the feeling and lifestyle we would like to carry into 2019 is nothing but good vibes and the things we want. Mindset masters are who we strive to become, because once you master your mind, there is no limitations on your life and you reach a level of freedom that only the divine creator ,who created us with such magical powers , can understand. Have a great day, have a better year, and let’s stay strong and courageous on our journey!

Always remember, LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!

Peace and Blessings!!


Wayne Lyons II ❤️🦁

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