Exciting News

Just like I am playing football against Notre Dame and the quarterback throws the ball to my side!! Interception time baby!! only this time, it is for the real world and I am not intercepting a pass, but I am launching my book, EFTY “The Power Of Believing” I am so excited and it feels like I am back in that November game at Stanford Stadium when I caught the two interceptions to help my team win the big game against the fighting Irish. For December, during the holiday time, I would like all my followers to read my work and see the hard work that I put into writing the book. For the entire month of December, I will sell the book for $1 to give everyone  a quick read for the holidays into the world of Wayne/WanY’e! The E- book is available on Kindle, it might take 48 hours to process in all the states but the work has been published. When you get a chance to check it out, contact me and let me know what you think. EFTY “The Power of Believing”




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