Are you actively reading?? My two most read books this month have been the Holy Bible and Sparks of Genius, the 13 thinking tools of the worlds most creative thinkers. It has really had a big impact on my life and allowed me to view the world with a better perspective than I had viewed it before. I would encourage each of you to take some time and read those two great reads! It will bring a light to your life that will give you a burst of energy for the good. Spend your time wisely and invest into yourself. Build your intelligence and thought process so you can achieve the things you set out to accomplish. Better yourself by the things you feed yourself. Not all food is meant to go through you mouth and into your stomach, some food comes as words and videos that enrich your brain and the way you live your day to day life. Let’s grow and enrich ourselves together. Iron sharpens iron!!

Be blessed and live life with no stress!!

peace and Blessings!!


Wayne Lyons II

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