Iron sharpens iron

I am so thankful and blessed to have my true brothers in Christ to keep me encouraged and accountable to learning the word of God! Learning about the love that is called to us so we can spread around the world as the light of the sun gives direction and vision to the world. Guidance and warmth is no surprise that the sun gives us daily life through the Son! Blessed are those who believe and hear the words and message of God, for it reveals the purpose and mission of our life. Today I had a younger brother teach me as Jesus was teaching him and the thousands of miles that separated us was not far enough distance to keep the tears from rolling down my face due to the impact his teaching had on my soul. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will be spoken in the moments we least expect it to have a huge impact, but we must not lean on our understanding, for the Lord sees and knows his doings far in advanced. Gods time is greater than any of us can understand, the events thousands of years apart from each other are only moments happening in God’s time. Moments to God can be seconds to us or even centuries to us, it all depends on what you are being called to do and say. Prophets are often ignored and outcasted, but the warnings are enormous and have life changing impacts on the people who hears the message. Be aware and have faith that there is a higher power guiding the show. Follow the ways of the light and live with love in your heart so you can continue to live with the life the Son gives us daily. On the next sunny day, just go outside and scream out, “THANK YOU GOD!!!”


Peace and Blessings!


Wayne Lyons II

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