Public speaking

Tonight was the supposed debuted opening night for my public speaking engagement at my first Toast Masters Detroit event. Unfortunately when I showed up, there was no one there for the event and it was a bad Wednesday to choose to attend. However, I did not let the night go to waste. For the people waiting in the lobby as well as the young police staff who worked the front desk of the building, I was able to share great energy, a $200 gift card and an opportunity for them to save on their travel, shopping, and dining. Although the public speaking did not take place tonight, I was able to still do good things and based on the response I got from the lady in the lobby, who I also able to extend a gift card and positive vibes to, had “a blessed night.” Moral if the story is, our intentions can be to do one thing but the universe might call us to do something else. Regardless on the outcome of events, invest into your day with the good energy from within, and like I mentioned to the lady, “I believe in Karma” so what’s meant for me will make its way back to me.

Thats all for now, peace and have a blessed night!

Best Wishes and God Bless!


Wayne Lyons II

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