Daily life with the kids

As I continue to grow and learn, I have the ability to teach and be one to help others grow as well. It is pleasing to watch the young kindergarten kids have the same growth and learning ability as the 8th grade students. While I host the most amazing gym class of their lives, we get the opportunity to play catch, play ball, talk about life, and work on problem solving. While the younger students are not as physically developed as the 8th grade students, I have the ability to teach toughness and hard work by coaching, and for the older 8th grade students I can show them real examples of a college athlete. One of the other adult staff members from time to time, comes down to the gym for a healthy competitive game of 2 on 2 with the 8th grade basketball players. This gives us all an opportunity to exercise and display our athleticism for all to grow and become better. It’s a pleasure working with the youth and embarking on this journey with young students who have the world ahead of them. I constantly remind them, “your thoughts and belief system will result in your actions, which will ultimately become your habits, and eventually your reality. So always make them good positive and effective thoughts and you will see just that of what you choose to be.”

Be Blessed with peace and love!


Wayne Lyons II

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