What is it like to live a life full of understanding? Can you honestly say the people around you understand the life that you live? Do you understand fully the life that you live? Your thoughts and frustrations, can they be easily understood? Why do you communicate the way you communicate? Do you communicate enough to your family and friends and loved ones? Do you post on social media to keep everyone informed about your life? What is the best way to keep everyone inclined to your life? Is it bragging when your happy and you want all your friends to feel your same happiness? Is it self pity when you don’t have what you think you deserve in life? Have you done all you can do to put yourself in the best position possible for success? Do people consider your life a success or failure? What’s more important, the accomplishments of the past or the pursuit of success in the future?  How much time do you spend reading and meditating? How much time do you spend speaking and listening? Do you actively pursue to bring people into your world, or do you spend time alone? What is your perspective of life??



Wayne Lyons IIimage.jpg

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