4 hours to meditate at the train station while listening to Nas and D. Marley speak knowledge about Truth. Let the liberty in my brain release a motion of awareness for everyone else. Enjoy the moment of presence called life! Bless those around you by being blessed and grateful yourself. Learn your history and connect with your neighbors because they are your distance relative. Peace and Blessings to all. Love Conquers All!!

Im just a Florida boy, what am I doing watching the snow flakes drop out of the sky like im an old school playa with my Michigan letterman listening to slow jazz instrumental Spotify playlist. The trees in near and distance have colors like I have never seen before accompanied by lights trails of snow from the past few days.  My soul is arriving and my body is maturing as I learn the discipline of patience. Greatness comes in time because this is my 26th year of life, and I have never seen it this way. Truth Beauty & Goodness,   The three things that always matter.

Best Wishes & God Bless!



Wayne Lyons II

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