most people will not see your vision and understand your passion. Even the people closest to you will fail to support you the way you understand it to be. It’s not because they don’t care for you or love you, but maybe more so because they do not know how to support you. Maybe they can learn if they stay close or they will convince you that their ways are better and you will fly on their altitude rather than being the leader that is within you dying to be released. Never give up on the voice inside your head regardless of who supports it. Don’t let the nay say get in the way of you finding your ultimate dream become your reality. Just hope in time they will understand and listen to the things you try to tell them. Have perspective of the future that you know to be true and after it gets manifested they will see the results. Just pray it’s not too late for them. Love your family and neighbors as you love yourself because God could have given up on you when you did not know your full potential. It was by his grace that he was patient with you and allows you to have the love and vision he give you to be great. Since not everyone can have your vision, you can’t expect them to all get it. It is what it is! Have wisdom and move forward!

Peace and Love!


Wayne Lyons II

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