Constant growth

Just like hair or nails, as you are young they both grow fast and are constantly becoming full. Once one gets older, the growing process slows down and the fullness might become a different color (grey) to showcase the wisdom developed in the growth process. I use this example to explain the mental growth we go through as well. I bring this to mind so we can all be aware of the need to embrace constant learning and constant growth. Our brain is the same as our hair and our nails, we must keep it young and healthy. How does one assure their brain is constantly growing you might ask? It’s simply done by exercising your brain constantly in a multitude of ways. Reading, writing, physical fitness, speaking/free styling, are all ways of body thinking and keeping your brain healthy. We must make a constant effort to grow and learn something every day of our lives, even when we reach those old days. As a young 26 year old healthy male athlete, I find myself learning at a rapid rate. My learning now is different from the learning that took place as a young kid in elementary or middle school. During those times, I was learning about math and reading and science so I could declare myself as smart in the school sense. Now the learning I find myself doing is about my personal self and the life in which is presented in my daily everyday schedule which declares me wise in the world. An example of some of that wisdom comes from reading recommended books by older mentors who have grown and matured in the world and learned some of the same things years before I was probably even born. The most recent on my list of insight has to do with farming and learning to harvest and cultivate natural foods that will allow me to live a long healthy life while also simultaneously accumulating wealth. The concept and providing and being a producer is often overlooked by the average person because in America, things are made so convenient for us. Many people are enabled  to be dependent on others for survival and rarely learn the skills and tools needed to become sustainable and independent. As I get closer to the time where I will start a family and be the bread winner and head of the household, these are the skills and knowledge I would need to have in my brain to pass along to my wife and then ultimately to my kids and grandkids. This is how I plan on living a long beautiful life , by constantly growing and enriched by the growth process so as I grow, I become an expert of growing and then as a result , I can teach my family how to successfully grow as well. I say all of this to say, constant growth is something we should all take the time to focus on and help build our families into strong beautiful families. I say this all out of love and gratitude for The Mighty Lord to share this insight with me so I can share with you. Thank you for joining me on my journey, and let’s continue to build and grow together.

Peace and Love!


Wayne Lyons II


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