Don’t let your faith die!

This is the lesson shared and learned from today. Even in the midst of the storm, stay calm and call on the lord to handle all he is taking you through for whatever it is he is taking you through it is to build you up and teach you something you have yet to experience. Be rejoiced during the struggle for it provides another opportunity to be blessed and rescued by the lord and also grow stronger in your faith with the lord. During those times that are difficult, the lord who knows EVERYTHING, is evaluating your faith and your love for him to see if it will waive or if you will remain strong in your belief that he will come to the rescue and answer your prayers. Today/last night I woke up thinking I would be flooded in my basement due to a busted pipe, rather than feeling bad for myself and throwing Pitty parties , starting at 3 in the morning I set constant alarms every 30 minutes to wake up and dump and replace the buckets collecting water. This was a test of discipline and faith. I prayed to God and did not get upset with anyone else out of frustration, rather casted my worries to our Mighty God. As of just now the plumber has arrived and stopped the leaking and they will be back Monday to assess and fix the problem. Praise God through good and bad!! He never promised to give us a problem free life, but he did promise to see us through all of our problems!! Although I could not make the morning wake up call, I know your prayers and Love was heard and felt which allowed me to remain at peace throughout this entire situation. I’m thankful to have a testimony of God constantly working in my life!! Praise God!!

Peace and Blessings!

Wayne Lyons II

2 thoughts on “Don’t let your faith die!”

  1. I love that, “He never promised to give us a problem free life, but he did promise to see us through all of our problems.” That is so true. It’s amazing that you have such a positive mindset. Continue to be a light for those who don’t see one at the end of the tunnel. God is going to bless you as I can already see that He is speaking through you! Your words are both beautiful and powerful. Keep it up!


    1. Awww, thanks babe! I try to listen to my heart and soul when free writing. It takes place a little different from using my brain to write. It has more substance and meanings.


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