Taking your business serious!


The Nonprofit work(EFTY) was established with the purpose of enhancing the lives of the young students through mentoring. After I established myself through the help of my mentors, I developed and used all of the skills and tools I learned throughout the mentoring program. EFTY and the P2S Gold Leadership Group will help the next wave of students. This is a dynamic concept and a vision bigger the one person can accomplish. This is a project and mastermind that requires all people participating to believe and support with their best ability.

The P2S/Gold Leadership Group will bring the resources to people’s financial needs. Through this vacation club consortium, we will generate a large network of entrepreneurs who are eager to build and develop their personal brand. This platform provides an additional stream of income combined with the work people will already be doing. Weekly calls and customer care to assure your network of clients are feeling a genuine connection to the team. Each person on the team is their  own boss and we are all equal business partners. This keeps everyone confident and accountable to be the best.

When it comes to your goals for saving and earning money, how serious do you take yourself!?!? Do you edit your time schedule to dedicate the time for your business?? Do you embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and stay discipline?

These are all questions a good business  coach would ask, and you would have to have a concrete answer without making any excuses. This is the level of mentoring you get with the P2S Gold Leadership Group.

Chime in and tell me a little about your business and what your passionate about doing. Comment on this post and we can discuss how we can work together to bring you apart of this Mastermind Team.

Peace and Blessings!


Wayne Lyons II

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