Random act of kindness

How will it make you feel, and how will it make other people  feel? How often will you tell someone, “you hope they have a good day” and genuinely mean it? What does it feel like to make someone else smile? What does it mean to help someone by brightening their day? How can you brighten someone’s day?

These questions all raise the sense of awareness focused towards random acts of kindness. This simple gesture will not only make you become respectable in your surroundings and well liked, but it will also earn you a good reputation. According to the wisest man in the world, King Solomon, a good reputation is more precious than silver and gold. While having a heightened sense of kind gestures and positive energy, you will begin to evolve your world into exactly the energy you put out into the world. As the laws of the universe states, energy cannot be destroyed and must relocate somewhere, so the positive vibes you pass off must ultimately be returned by the universe. These principles are in alignment with the laws of the creator as he commands we love our neighbors as we would love ourself. Do unto others as you’d want done unto you. Live with love and kindness and pass off the radiant sensation called Joy to those you meet. Watch in amazement how you become abundantly filled with joy!

Peace and Blessings!


Wayne Lyons II


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