Communication might be one of the most important skills to acquire for all living species. To gather a thought and place the energy into an action to get a premeditated response. This is how both animals and humans live alike. Weather we are hunting, mating, negotiating, cheering, degrading, and even simply sleeping. All these communication systems and signs that are connected to the body as a signal from the brain. When a peacock attracts a mate, they communicate in their most known way by showcasing their beauty in their tail feathers. Humans in a similar way communicates their attraction in the same way, by luring in the interest of mates to provoke an alluring response. Communication has more layers that effect business and relationships equally. When you can communicate within your team, all the members feel empowered to be apart of a heavy hitting machine! With bad communication, relationships suffer and business becomes incomplete. True success is measured by the ability to unite and work with others to do great things. In order to get those results, communication skills must be at an all time high. With the focus on this matter, wisdom will speak and communicate the skills and strengths you must focus on to achieve success. Follow the light and always treat others as you would want to be treated. Communicate the  things you would like to present yourself as. The best you that you can be; set up some great goals. Have hope for the future and make decisions that will lead towards your focus!

Peace & Love

Wayne Lyons II

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