Writing my book

Taking time out of my day to think of the content for my book , I consciously work towards moving my vocabulary permanently to switch I to we, every time speaking. This is a common practice to assure the reader understands this is for us collectively and there are no selfish intentions associated.

There are times when We would like more attention and support from friends and loved ones, but then again I we remember, they are busy and on their grind the same way we are on ours. The best thing to do is support them and meet them where they are and be the example of supporting everything they do. Reassuring and motivating my friends can sometimes be difficult, as long as it’s coming from a foundation of love, there will be no problems, only solutions. My dream is to see all my family and friends come together and work in harmony. We shall continue marching and fighting the good fight until the mission is complete.


Peace and Love

best wishes and God Bless!


Wayne Lyons II

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